114.4 Million users tuned into Super Bowl Sunday to watch the Patriots defeat the Seahawks. It was definitely a game to remember! Like most fans of the Super Bowl, viewers look forward to the highly anticipated commercial. With each second of a commercial spot going for $150,000.00, one better make sure your advertising agency gets the message right.

Half way thru the game, Nissan came roaring back into our family rooms after 18 years of no Super Bowl advertisement, by means of “WithDad.”

The childhood familiar tune, Cats in the Cradle instantly brought me back to my youth and reminds me of my big brother Robert and his choice of music while driving to High School in the mornings, during the mid-90s in his cherished Honda Prelude. For myself, it was an interesting choice of music because it has a very depressing undertone about a failed father and son relationship. The great thing about ‘artistic expression’ is that everyone is allowed his or her own ‘opinionated’ view.

After viewing it at few more times, I began to really enjoy their creative direction!

The commercial ‘With Dad’ follows the struggles of a hardworking and close-nit family striving for togetherness across the years: A father figure who has to leave his family for work, missing some of his son’s childhood accomplishments and leaving his wife scared for his life. Nissan’s branding team’s decision to film a commercial spot over the life of a young family allowed the viewers to relate in some way or the other. In life, family members make hard decisions to help support their family. Nissan portrays the choice of a husband on a race tour chasing his dreams of success. At first, I thought it was the finish line he was racing for, but upon further views I realized that he wanted to finish first for his family.

What is also great about branding in 2015 is that the commercial is just the start. Nissan mirrored the “with Dad” commercial with a social media campaign #withdad. Having everyday people such as you and I featured on their webpage of photos and videos with their fathers. This adds that relatable element of family, portraying fathers everywhere as heroes.

Being 3000+ miles away from my family, this commercial brought back some great childhood memories, especially “with Dad’. When I see that commercial, I feel the love that I have for my father and family. Thank you Nissan for making me smile when I think of my father!


Nils Erik, MFA
Pablo Picasso once said, ‘every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.' Does anyone wonder if that’s what J. M. Barrie was thinking when she wrote her play, Peter Pan? For Nils Erik, the University of Miami became his own Neverland. While running with the Lost Boys, he first picked up a Kodak 24 frame disposable camera during his freshman year. He found great joy in capturing their own spontaneous, wild and crazy adventures. He looked to the professors at the []_[] as his very own Wendy for guidance and for sparking his growth in his initial photographic development. Later, armed with a photojournalism degree from the []_[], Nils began his career with Ocean Drive Magazine. When the lure of growing up became too strong to ignore, Nils left Neverland in Miami and ventured west to complete his Master of Fine Arts at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Living in the City of Lost Angels since 2008, Nils nurtures his own team of creative soldiers now while specializing in all aspects of photographic production. Today SMILE XXVII Studios has already captured thousands of images and created new visual campaigns with Nils' own magical fairy dust for celebrities, models, artist, entrepreneurs and designer brand companies alike! 'Everyone grows up, yet ‘the trick is growing up without growing old.' ~ Casey Stengel "My experience and vision lend themselves to accomplishing your creative and business goals. I regard my craftsmanship as being an investment in the longevity of your brand."

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