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Taking headshots wasn’t why I initially picked up the camera. I thought they were boring, simple and not interesting. 10+ years later, I have quite a different view on the headshot.

 A headshot is a photograph that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for branding or casting purposes.

In Los Angeles, most people requesting headshots are actors and models.  But the headshot is a useful tool for many professions. Whether it’s for entertainment, modeling or corporate: A great headshot consists of ideal lighting and a simple backdrop, which allows the viewer to focus solely on the subject’s facial features.

What I’ve learned over the years is that capturing the headshot is an intimate moment between myself and my client. The intriguing persona of my subject brings to life the great headshot. I Listen to their story; finding something new and interesting about them that I haven’t seen in a previous client, and I capture it.

Nils Erik, MFA
Pablo Picasso once said, ‘every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.' Does anyone wonder if that’s what J. M. Barrie was thinking when she wrote her play, Peter Pan? For Nils Erik, the University of Miami became his own Neverland. While running with the Lost Boys, he first picked up a Kodak 24 frame disposable camera during his freshman year. He found great joy in capturing their own spontaneous, wild and crazy adventures. He looked to the professors at the []_[] as his very own Wendy for guidance and for sparking his growth in his initial photographic development. Later, armed with a photojournalism degree from the []_[], Nils began his career with Ocean Drive Magazine. When the lure of growing up became too strong to ignore, Nils left Neverland in Miami and ventured west to complete his Master of Fine Arts at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Living in the City of Lost Angels since 2008, Nils nurtures his own team of creative soldiers now while specializing in all aspects of photographic production. Today SMILE XXVII Studios has already captured thousands of images and created new visual campaigns with Nils' own magical fairy dust for celebrities, models, artist, entrepreneurs and designer brand companies alike! 'Everyone grows up, yet ‘the trick is growing up without growing old.' ~ Casey Stengel "My experience and vision lend themselves to accomplishing your creative and business goals. I regard my craftsmanship as being an investment in the longevity of your brand."

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